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December 2010

The Water Phase - Winter
The Water Phase in Oriental Medicine represents the season of winter, the color black or navy blue, the taste of salt, and the organs represented are the Kidneys, Bladder, and endocrine system.  It’s this time of year when the qi goes deep inside the roots of trees and plants, and it goes deep into our “roots”, the Kidneys as well. How do we nourish ourselves this season so we maintain harmony and are ready for a vital spring?

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August 2010

What if you looked at every symptom as a metaphor, or as a message that your subconscious was sending you using your body as the messenger?  Rather than shooting the messenger full of drugs to suppress the symptoms, another option is to investigate the symptom from an emotional perspective.

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March 2010

Combining Oriental medicine with functional/nutritional interventions gives us the best of both worlds. Using adrenal function as an example, we can look at a few of the ways this combined approach broadens our perspective.

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November 2009

Middle ear infections are on the rise. The ailment, also known as otitis media, has become far more prevalent in children throughout the twentieth century, increasing 150 percent between 1975 to 1990 alone. This dramatic increase illustrates the parameters of wise antibiotic use and its abuse, while at the same time revealing the effects of breastfeeding and formula.

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August 2009

Why are so many people overweight, feel tired and sluggish and show signs of premature aging? Why are young people thin, energetic and vibrant, only to become heavy, tired, grumpy and fuzzy as middle-aged adults? The answer is: Dysglycemia. Also meet our new chiropractor: Amanda Keates, DC. She will be providing gentle chiropractic care, trigger point therapy, muscle testing, orthotics, and wellness counseling.

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April 2009

It’s Spring Again - Let’s have a healthy one. This quarter, read about Oriental medical views on Iodine, spring and its challenges and the solutions we have for dealing with allergies. Also meet Melissa DeRubertis, our new massage therapist. And more.

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December 2008

There are three aspects to vital health during the fall season. First, we have many ways to support our immune system during this time from herbs, good diet, proper clothing, even washing our hands! Second, moderating factors that undermine our overall health and immune function will play a significant role in our well being as well.

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July 2008

Fish oil has been touted for the past couple of decades as a boost to the body. Research has shown that pregnant women who take fish oil during the last trimester (about 4 g per day) lengthen their gestation and may therefore prevent recurrent preterm birth (Olsen et al, 1992).

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March 2008

Spring is just a few days away and already the changes can been seen. Trees are budding, grass is growing and flowers are opening up from their winter slumber. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Spring is associated with the element Wood and the energies of growth and development, movement and wind.

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December 2007

Oriental Health Solutions is proud to announce its new cold care kit for families that will provide the convenience of treatment in their own homes. We believe it is important to have easy access to the variety of cold prevention products that Chinese Medicine has to offer. Give the gift of health to your family and friends.

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